This is primarily a political site. I’m doing it not because more political sites are needed but because if I don’t do it, I’ll rant until my sweetie kills me in my sleep.

My evil plan is to focus on Progressive candidates all over the nation. (Canada, you’re on your own.) The idea is to filter out some of the noise coming both from the right wing and unfortunately also from the capital-D Democrats, who hate and fear Progressives almost as much as do the Republicans. Cleverly, I plan to put information on candidates here under the category of Candidates. I’ll post news from races involving Progressives where I find them, particularly as the 2012 election gets closer. I also hope to be entertaining.

 My name is Michael Johnson. I’m an American living in Toronto, Ontario.

(You can find out why on my other site, where I write what amounts to a letter for family and friends once in a while. I also have a ton of photographs posted there, primarily from Mexico and Canada. All photos guaranteed to be accompanied by witty commentary.)

Why am I doing this? I’m trying to get you to send Progressive candidates some money. It doesn’t take much on your part because there are hundreds of thousands of us, but if they don’t get money they don’t win. Money isn’t everything, but it’s how that game is played.

On the Blahg, I’ll occasionally write impassioned screeds about political or cultural items that interest me—or, to be more accurate, annoy me. Over the past few years I have found myself more and more compelled to rant about politics and culture (How ya doin’, Dubya?), and I know very well that a lot of people don’t really care to hear it. See my post called Democracy’s Genetic Weakness.

So voila! Here I can go on and on about the things that really piss me off without disturbing my old friends.

Please feel free to respond, but as a rule, I won’t debate. It’s been pointless for a long time. You folks who think Obama is an alien from outer space can do your own damn web pages.

—Not That Johnson

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