Each of the candidates you see in these posts is a Progressive, or at least sufficiently more progressive than his or her opponent for me to care.

I’m not defining anything or debating anything. I have chosen my side in a long-running culture war. Plus I have my rants on the front page, if you have any doubts about how I feel.

I believe the government is us. All of us. That’s the way the country was designed. You hate that guy? Too bad. He gets to vote. I do not believe the government is “them.”

Every other influence on public policy—wealth, or fear, or belief in a deity, or simple hatred of people who aren’t you, is a distraction from the business of taking care of each other. That’s what government is. It’s not there to prevent you from getting rich, or stop you from worshipping Baal, it’s there to make sure the human condition isn’t something we can ignore.

I also believe that democracy everywhere is fragile and can be subverted very quickly and easily. And I believe all politics, democracy included, comes down to who gets the money, of which there is never enough.

So. Speaking of money, if you would like to support strong progressive candidates with more than just your opinion, this is one place to start.

Each of the candidates in these pages has a chance to win his or her district, and none are in safe seats, at least according to them. As in the past, I do include a few “safe seat” people because they are right-wing targets, and I just enjoy pissing off Rupert Fucking Murdoch.

I am also generally leaving out the doomed candidates carrying the Progressive flag into Republican strongholds. No point in throwing money at foregone conclusions.

I encourage you to contribute via Progressive organizations. (I have a page at ActBlue in which you can see all the people I’m working for, and you can contribute to all or just one, even if all you’re sending is ten bucks.)

As for the Democrats. Well… Money sent directly to the Democratic Party will be used badly by people who themselves are wholly owned subsidiaries and who view Progressives in the way you would view a painful rectal infection.

So if you would like to help keep the Democrats honest—-let’s face it, they’re all we’ve got—Please send what you can afford directly to viable progressive candidates. And money really is the mother’s milk of politics. Most voters aren’t stupid or even ignorant, by historical standards, but few people are paying close attention. Lies can be countered, but it takes money.

A few dollars here and there can buy these Progressives some TV time. And maybe some stamps. Some phone lines. Whatever. Once more into the breach.


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